The 7 Best Places for BIG Food in Maryland!

If you’ve got a big appetite, then these Maryland restaurants have the perfect dishes for you. Whether you enjoy chowing down on a sandwich that never ends or want to slurp your way to the bottom of a fish-bowl of pho, here are the best BIG food places in Maryland. Are you up for the challenge? 

Jimmy’s Famous Seafood, Baltimore, MD

Jimmy’s Famous Seafood in Baltimore, Maryland, has been featured on any number of TV shows, including “Beat Bobby Flay,” “Diner’s, Drive-In’s, and Dives,” “Ginormous Food,” and more. Why? Because their food is simply out of this world —literally. Try the Seafood UFO if you think you’re capable of tackling this 13-inch wide sandwich stuffed with macaroni, cheese, and a two-pound crab cake.  

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Chick and Ruth’s, Annapolis, MD

Chick and Ruth’s deli in Annapolis, Maryland, is known for their old-fashioned milkshakes, bakery, and incredible sandwiches, many of which come in the “big food” variety. Choose between four challenges—take down a six-pound milk shake, a three-pound sandwich, or even a three-pound cheeseburger to earn yourself a t-shirt and a little glory.

Crab Claw, Michaels, MD

Since 1965, the Crab Claw has provided delicious, seasonal seafood to the people of Michaels, Maryland. The menu is stacked with tons of seafood and steak options, but the real attraction for our purposes is their fantastic Smith Island Cake. According to, Crab Claw has the best Smith Island Cake in the state. If you’re in the mood for a “10-layer tour de force of fluffy cake and creamy icing,” this is a must-stop. 

Steak & Main Steak House Oyster Bar Sushi Bar, North East, MD

Steak lovers, rejoice! For Steak & Main Steak House Oyster Bar Sushi Bar in North East, Maryland, has the perfect “big food” option for you. If you can eat 5.5 pounds of steak, including a 26-ounce Delmonico, 12-ounce New York strip, 16-ounce flat iron and more, you eat free. 

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Fatboy’s Pizza Shack, Frostburg, MD

Who doesn’t love pizza? You know what’s better than pizza? A 30-inch pizza. That’s exactly what Fatboy’s Pizza Shack offers—a 30-inch pizza weighing in at 8.25 pounds. If you can finish it by yourself within the hour, it’s free. 

Chubby’s Southern Style Barbeque, Emmitsburg, MD

Chubby’s Southern Style Barbeque “is the only Michelin four-star rated barbecue in the country.” They’ve won a tremendous amount of rewards, which would be more than enough reason to come in by itself even if they didn’t have an Avalanche Burger Challenge. Lucky for big food lovers, they do. Consume this 7.15-pound feat of burger engineering within the hour and it’s free. 

Pho Saigon, Catonsville, MD

Pho Saigon’s Man vs. Pho challenge is for true pho connoisseurs. $25 gets you a 5.5-pound bowl of pho, which includes two pounds of beef and two pounds of noodles. Drink a majority of the broth and consume all the meat and noodles within 30 minutes for a free meal and t-shirt, as well as your picture on the Wall of Fame. 

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