Architrex Tours

Saturday, Jul 27, 2019 at 10:00am

  $22/Adults $14/Children 3-11 2 and under

The historic district of Annapolis is a museum without walls, a treasure trove of architecture and preservation. Celebrate and learn about the city’s most notable and celebrated examples of 17th and 18th Century architecture with ArchiTrex. Presented in Partnership with Historic Annapolis. Developed and led by local architects and artists.


ARCHi_TREX_Logo.jpgAnnapolis is well regarded for its collection of Colonial architecture and we are excited to introduce a tour devoted to it. On ArchiTrex, learn about some of the most notable architecture in Annapolis walking through 300 years of design. The key to developing this tour included collaboration with professional architects and stewards of local history. The tour’s content is authenticated by historians of Historic Annapolis.