Ocean City Ghost Walk - Inlet start

Saturday, Oct 26, 2019 from 7:00pm to 8:45pm


Walk the old historic district of Ocean City and hear your storyteller recount over a dozen ghost stories featuring spirits that still linger in the old buildings and hotels. Ocean City also features a property that hit the "Haunted Trifecta" - a murder, suicide and accidental death occurring at the same location.

There's a child spirit at the life-saving station, a young man at the Tarry-A-While, a crazy lady at Dolle's Candyland, jazz musicians at the Henry Hotel and a very mischievous - if not angry ghost at the Shoreham Hotel (Shenanigans).

This tour runs between the Inlet and 4th street and is approximately an hour and a half of scary stories and Ocean City's mysterious history.

Join us and learn the stories. NOTE: The Inlet and Shenanigans Ghost Walks are the same, just reversed in order of stops.

Please Note: We Do Not Go Inside The Properties.  This is a ghost walk where stories of hauntings and unexplained events are shared while standing outside the property. This is not a paranormal investigation and we do not guarantee ghost sitings.  We do, however, offer paranormal investigations in nearby Snow Hill.

Note: The Inlet and Shenanigans Ghost Walks are the same, just reversed in order of stops.

Start & Where To Park: This walk starts at the Ocean City Life-saving Station Museum at the end of the Boardwalk at the Inlet. The walk runs between the Inlet to 4th Street and is NOT A LOOP, so park somewhere between the Inlet and 4th street. It may be easiest to park at the Inlet and walk back from 4th street at the end.

Walking: This is a walking tour where guests walk and stand for approximately one and a half hours. The walk is about 1.5 miles – one way. Guests must be able to handle walking that distance in order to complete the walk. The route is wheelchair / stroller accessible. Persons with disabilities who use wheelchairs and strollers are welcome. The pace is quick, however.


-Adults - $20
-Children - $15 (8-12 years - under 8 is free)

Duration: 1.75 Hours

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