Amped Up

11600 Crossroads Circle

Amped Up truly is the most unique and amazing venue around! Our facility features a technology driven movie theatre, video and table game parlor, and upscale dance club all in one. In addition to scheduled group functions, we also host general admission events that include open game time, teen activities, family game show nights, Ravens games & sports broadcasts and many others. We even offer before and after school child care & summer camps! Once in our site, visit our Calendar for upcoming schedules and check out our Events & Services pages for specific details, photos, and video. We also suggest stopping by for a tour of our state-of-the-art theatre, spacious game lounge, beautiful lobby with concession area, and conveniences and amenities found nowhere else. We guarantee that once you do you will be back!

Amped Up... Fantastic - Family - Fun... Amplified!


NeedA GreenCard

Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2018

Great place to go, easy people to work with and they provide quality dental service.