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Annmarie Sculpture Garden and Arts Center

13480 Dowell Road

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Annmarie is committed to connecting people to art and nature. Through a wide variety of engaging exhibits, programs, classes, public projects, and annual events, Annmarie opens up opportunities for creativity, collaboration, and reflection. By providing opportunities for visitors to experience and engage in imaginative activities, Annmarie seeks to nurture the human spirit and contribute to a healthy society.


Brian McDavid

Wednesday, June 20, 2018
I finally got a chance to check this place out, which I've wanted to do forever when they have special events. But, honestly the experience was mediocre. We got there and walked around the parking lot area looking at some cool sculptures waiting for the doors to open so we could pay the admission. When they opened the doors, we went and paid and started to ask the lady at the counter what there was to do there, she explained to us a couple of smaller exhibits to look for and then about the walking trail where most of the sculptures and fairy houses were. We asked her if there was a separate exhibit for just the fairy houses and she got an attitude like she couldn't understand how customers could have questions about exhibits. We walked away to go see the sculptures, and as we were walking down the trail, there were rusty fold-out chairs, seemingly thrown into the woods randomly. There were so many mosquitoes on the trail that it was unbearable. I recommend a few things to make the experience better: After you pay, just grab a map and start walking. Bring mosquito repellent. Don't expect this to be worth more than the $5 entry fee.

Jasmine Fulmer

Friday, July 6, 2018
Absolutely beautiful! The kids loved the Artlab that was included with admission and I loved the exhibits. The staff was very friendly and the grounds were stunning! We can't wait to see what they display next!

Banana and Me

Sunday, May 27, 2018
Its really nice although the kids get bored quick. They have a really nice park for the kids to play on and they will stay there for about an hour. Plus there is a little workshop and sometimes you can just create things with millions of items. They do have events which the kids love. But other than that the kids get bored of the walk and the sculptures.

Walter Johnson

Sunday, May 27, 2018
Out of the way, quiet, pleasant, no large crowds. Some nice artwork, okay sculpture. A little more oriented toward children than I expected. Reasonably cheap. On a return trip, the elevator was broken. They confirmed that it was broken, but apparenently had no capacity to fix it. At least they gave us a refund.

Miriam Bonk

Wednesday, July 11, 2018
A lovely park with not only a nice museum but loads of trails with unique sculptures throughout. Many special events held there as well as art classes.

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