Bengies Drive-In Theatre

3417 Eastern Boulevard

About Us:

The BENGIES was opened on June 6, 1956. Our operating schedule MUST CHANGE WITH THE SUNSET, which changes EVERY week, as does the Sunset. During DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME, the show starts at Twilight, and then the features end up where ever they fall into the categories of their individual running time. I always try to begin with a feature that is rated G, PG, or PG-13., regardless of the rating of the main Feature, which runs second on Friday and Saturday nights.


Sara Reddin

Saturday, Oct. 14, 2017

Absolutely love this place. No matter where you park you can see the screen well. Just make sure you can turn your head lights off or bring a towel to cover them. Cash is best cause the prices are a little cheaper than with a card. Huge food selection and very reasonably priced. The popcorn is the bomb. The staff is really nice. If you have food allergies you can totally bring your own food but they just charge a small fee for bringing outside food( I mean they still have to make money.) The website has all the information you'll possibly need. I mean your paying $10 for 3 movies, can you get a better deal than that?!?! Seriously, if you haven't gone you should go.

Briana Geyer

Saturday, Sep. 16, 2017

I just want to start off by saying that this is the first poor-review I have ever written (I've never even tipped less than 20%), but after my disappointingly short visit to Bengies, I felt it was necessary ... WARNING: CASH ONLY! As far as I found, this is only addressed once you arrive at the box office. I did find it hidden away on their website after the fact.. but in 2017 you'd imagine they would give you enough warning. When I first arrived and was directed where to go (still on the main road) I asked the attendant if they accepted debit/credit cards before I pulled in. I was shockingly appalled when he YELLED at me saying that he was "too busy" and so on. I work in the service industry.. I get it, it was hectic.. but a simple NO would have been a quicker response than his ranting as he walked away from me without answer my question! The attendant did, however, have enough time to come back up to me, still with attitude, to ask if the car next to me had barged in, so that he could kick them out.. which they seem to enjoy doing to their "valued customers". After a very long wait to the box office (not sure how they are so busy with their horrendous customer service) the movie had already started playing. Once I had gotten to the box office, the employee said that he had to throw away my water or charge me $10... MY WATER. I would absolutely understand if it was soda and candy.. but water? come on.... Having had realized at this point that they only accepted cash, I informed the employee of the situation with the very rude attendant at the entrance, and then he proceeded to give me attitude! So after about 30-45 minutes of waiting in line, they threw out my water THEN told me that I had to go to the exit and find an ATM, then re-enter the chaotic line to pay cash to get in. NOPE. *Not to mention, this place has a different rule posted every 2 feet. They give you a pamphlet of rules once you enter! That thing must be thicker than the dictionary. A MAXIMUM-SECURITY PRISON HAS LESS RULES. How can you enjoy yourself when you're worrying about getting kicked out before you even pull into the entrance.

Irene Brown

Wednesday, Aug. 23, 2017

I love Bengies Drive-In. I loved it as a teen and as a mom I love it even more. One ticket get you 2 or 3 movies. Food is great. Staff always friendly and very helpful. Read the rules. Play ground is fun for kids before it gets dark. Get there early to get a good spot. Good family fun. Great for date night too.

E. Jones

Sunday, Sep. 17, 2017

The drive-in is a great concept however this place is poorly organized. Among the MANY rules listed on the website and the signs leading up to the entrance there is nothing stating they are cash only until you're at the box office. We had to leave, grab cash and get back in line despite the fact they have an ATM in their snack bar. They would not allow us to pull in to use it so that we could pay and stay in. That wasn't exactly what we wanted to hear after sitting in line for 20 minutes following the hour drive from home. After returning we were directed into a spot. A bit difficult since the only light was from the flashlight of the parking attendant. Apparently there is no plan in place for directing cars out prior to the end of all three features so we slowly and carefully guided ourselves to the exit in the dark with no lights on as people walked in the roadway. There were no parking attendants to be found to assist in this.

Dawn Marie

Sunday, Sep. 24, 2017

I had a good time. There are strict rules put in place for a reason but rude people just don't follow it. Had the person next to me on their phone talking on speaker and I had to go in my car and roll the windows up. Smoking is allowed and for an asthmatic it is completely unbearable. Cigarettes are one thing but my beau and I smelled weed.