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The BENGIES was opened on June 6, 1956. Our operating schedule MUST CHANGE WITH THE SUNSET, which changes EVERY week, as does the Sunset. During DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME, the show starts at Twilight, and then the features end up where ever they fall into the categories of their individual running time. I always try to begin with a feature that is rated G, PG, or PG-13., regardless of the rating of the main Feature, which runs second on Friday and Saturday nights.


James R

Saturday, July 7, 2018
My wife and I often see movies at Bengies. The projection equipment is fully modernized but, the facilities (bathrooms etc.) are in need of renovation. If you come in a SUV or truck your parking options will be more limited, please pay attention to the staff who are there to help you. Strongly suggest you understand how to use your vehicle radio without draining your battery or bring a portable radio. Take a few minutes to read the rules as it will make the experience more enjoyable for everyone.

Mike Hebert

Saturday, June 9, 2018
This is the second review I've ever written. This place was appalling. You don't realize it until after you pay (no refunds for any reason, and costs more than normal theaters). We left after 30 minutes into the movie. I left a Star Wars movie for the first time in my life, and not because of the movie! The owner/operator is a weird petty tyrant and basket case, placing large signs with rules and threats everywhere. My first day of boot camp had fewer rules. Among 100 bizarre rules, they force you to leave your engine off (in summer) and either suffocate in your car, or allow mosquitoes to feast on you (they kindly sell bug repellents at high prices). They take cards at the concession stand but not the entrance for some reason. The nasty food also made my wife sick. The owner then goes on a loudspeaker for 40 minutes prior to the start, rambling a bunch of strange conspiracy talk and barking about his rules, patriotism, state and federal laws. Then he wants everyone get out of their cars to stand for the national anthem. THEN the movie starts, and it is of such poor quality that I literally couldn't see what was going on in the movie the entire time, like watching it underwater in a muddy lake. My small child was crying from being eaten by mosquitoes, and they have ushers lurking everywhere dressed like prison trustees. They were kind enough to keep knocking on my windows and reciting their prison rules for my briefly turning my engine and AC on. (My car is a hybrid with a very quiet engine.) We left and will never return. The owner is probably retired military and was forced into retirement (to the delight of his troops). He can find no other outlet for his petty tyranny, so he inflicts it on unsuspecting customers. This idiot should not interact with the public and should go work at the VA or something. This place will go under soon. He will probably blame Obama or the Deep State conspiracy for it. Stay away, you were warned. Negative 5 stars.

Julian Parks

Monday, June 11, 2018
I am not sure if there are a lot of drive in movie theaters in the country anymore but this place is absolutely great. We came on memorial day weekend. We came early and saw 4 movies. That day they showed Coco, infinity war, black panther and Solo. They had a great lineup. The concessions is a little outdated. Reminds me of the 1980s. But the movies were high quality. I love that you can use your radio for the sound and the fact that the location rents radios if you don't want to have your car on. They only take cash only, except doe concessions, which is annoying. I recommend this location for anyone who wants to stop in and catch multiple movies for $10. Great place.

Christian Elliott

Saturday, July 7, 2018
Can’t beat $10 per person for three newly released movies. However, be prepared for a laundry-list of rules. I thought I was back in bootcamp all over again. They do sell reasonably priced food, but I wouldn’t recommend it based off of the pizza they serve. You’re better off grabbing cardboard and sprinkling some cheese on it (which would probably taste better anyways). You can bring in your own food but you will have to fork up another $10 at entry.

Cynthia Beauchamp

Friday, July 13, 2018
We really had a fun time at Bengies, and you get a great value for your money. We saw a Thursday double feature. Tickets were only $10 per person, and we paid a $10 fee so we could bring in outside food. We brought lawn chairs, sat outside, and enjoyed a wonderful summertime family picnic at the movies. I do wish the website had recommended bringing a radio so we didn't have to use the car radio.

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