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Hampstead - Cascade Lake Water Park

2844 Snydersburg Road

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Step back in time to our beautiful 6-acre lake, nestled among 70 acres of rolling hills and wooded areas. Cascade Lake is a spring fed lake with a gently sloping sandy bottom. It has a large roped-off are for swimming which includes various size waterslides and platforms. All of the swimming areas are guarded by certified lifeguards.

Our Spray ‘N” Playground features great wet fun away from the lake. With no standing water, this area is perfect for non-swimmers. Geysers, bubblers, and  water tunnels entertain the young and “young at heart.”

Fisherman will enjoy their sport in our stocked lake. The trail around the lake provides many quiet spots to enjoy the peace away from the beach and waterslides.

Scattered throughout the  property are picnic tables and charcoal grill for outdoor dining. Other amenities include paddleboats, hot food at our Cascade Cafe, gift shop and bathhouse.


Audrey White

Saturday, Aug. 19, 2017
Awesome Fun. Old time watering hole fun you just can't have in a pool. Jumping into the water. Floats. We went with a Boy Scout Troop and everyone loved it. Clean (it is lake water) and great friendly staff.

Ryan Szczepanik

Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2018
Amazing 20 years later still a blast from childhood to afult.

Gal Afik

Monday, Aug. 21, 2017
I'd first like to say that the lake itself is beautiful and the surrounding grilling and picnic areas are also beautiful. However, the staff at this location and their policies are beyond absurd. I went here for my sister's 20th birthday yesterday and was told that she had to take the "swim test". I put swim test in quotes because whoever came up with it was either an Olympic athlete or high off their mind. The test consists of swimming about a lap in deep water while never stopping, even to turn around, keeping your head above the water, bringing your elbows above the water on EVERY stroke, doing it in less than 3 minutes, and, apparently, "not being tired" at the end! While I was watching, the 18 year old lifeguard failed 10 out of 11 people who tried the test and was extremely rude about it, mocking the kids who couldn't pass, but could clearly swim and probably better than many adults. When I asked the staff what the cutoff age for tests was, since they insisted that my sister take it and I didn't have to, the lifeguard said "I'm not at liberty to discuss that with you". What?!? How can you have a policy and not make it absolutely crystal clear what it is to your guests? I was met with a similar response each and every time I asked any of the lifeguards any question! "Can I go down the slide?" "I can't tell you." The staff was generally very rude to us and to other guests as well. my friend tripped and hurt his ankle while getting onto the slide and was told by the lifeguard to "hurry up and go down and stop faking!" The lifeguards seemingly only care about their dumb swim test, as many people did incredibly dangerous flips off of the high dive while there were children directly below them and, while the lifeguard did whistle at them, it was only to find out if they all had their orange wristband from passing the test. On a side note, the high dive's platform and ladders are INCREDIBLY unsafe and slippery! They clearly need servicing and the lazy staff probably does nothing to treat the wood against algae that makes it very dangerous to climb. I will not be going back to this location. $60 for 4 people to get yelled at by teenagers and talked down to... no thanks!


Saturday, July 22, 2017
My family visits cascade lake once every year and this year was by far the worst experience ever! We came with 18 people and in 2 hours, I was assaulted by a life guard, my autistic son attempted the swim test and was denied the chance to even complete it based on the life guard stating his arms did not come high enough out of the water on EVERY stroke and despite several witnesses who stated his arms were infact clearing the water every stroke, he was denied the chance to try again, and then I was insulted by a life guard who told me I was a bad mother for not accompanying my 13 year old while he took the test even though I was in the water with my 3 year old at the time. My 10 year old nephew was denied the chance to even attempt the swim test because the same life guard did not believe he was over 8 years old. That same life guard told me he did not recognize me or my family and therefore it was not his problem if we had a good time or not. When I asked to speak to a supervisor I was informed he was the supervisor!! What kind of people do they have working here? At one point a man was struggling in the water and my 2 brothers saved the man because the lifeguard that was attempting to save him was too slow while she did the doggy paddle to get to him and then she barely made it back to the dock and had to be helped up by 2 other lifeguards. No one in my family will ever come here again!! It used to be such a nice place, now it is just shamefully a waste of a 45 minute drive!!

James Mason

Thursday, July 20, 2017
Nasty, untreated water. For the swimming test lifeguards demand you only use one specific overhand stroke, and if a kid fails they cant come back and retry the test. The the rules for kids are ridiculous i.e. "No running". We're out in the middle of nowhere playing at a lake! Lifeguards are mostly lazy teenagers. I wouldn't come here even if it was free. Can i give zero stars.

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