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Chesapeake Beach Water Park

4079 Gordon Stinnett Boulevard

At the resort community of Chesapeake Beach, less than an hour from Washington, DC, you can have a splashin' fun-in-the-sun time in our eight water slides, fountains, waterfalls, a lagoon, kids' activity pool, and more, guaranteed to treat everyone to a cool time.


Tami Kidd

Thursday, June 21, 2018
Had a great time with my family! I new my Kids were safe in the water. They had lots of lifeguards and they were all very observant. It's definitely a great water park to take your family to. It's not real big but it's a lot of fun. We are definitely going back next summer!

Brittany Powers

Saturday, June 30, 2018
This was our first and last visit to this water park. Let’s start with the lifeguards-positive experience overall. But they all followed different rules. On the slides, my daughter wore her goggles 3,4 times before a guard told her it wasn’t allowed. She had an extreme phobia of water in her eyes and was crying at the thought (and then cried doing it!) of going down bare eyed. Second. Poop. We were shut out for a good 15/20 minutes for poop. Gross. Third, we finally get released back into the water. We got into the lazy river. Not a half turn around it later, a kid pukes right behind us. So gross. Lifeguard didn’t see so we alerted the next one and immediately took out family out. I kid you not, it was literally 5-7 minutes later before they sounded the “get out of the water announcement” (we were packing up to go). I even saw a supervisor on our way to the lockers and told her just In case the message wasn’t relayed. “We are working on it”. By then, that puke had most likely circulated the whole pool and all the swimmers in the lazy river. I gag thinking about it. So moral of the story, if you are at the Chesapeake water park and the “please get out of the water” announcement comes on, just know you have been most likely swimming with the poop... throw up...bloood... for a good 5 minutes. Enjoy your visit!

Shannon Edwards

Thursday, June 28, 2018
This is a great place for small kids. There is so much for them to do. The staff is friendly a accommodating. You can bring in waters and snack bar prices are reasonable in comparison to other places. We will definitely come back!

Michele Gilmer

Friday, June 29, 2018
I visited twice and loved it. Once we sat on the beach and watched the children play. I dipped in the water a few times. Visited the quaint casino. Sat on the deck, ate wonderful food and danced with the live band. Linedance and freestyle. The sun bright and beautiful, kind romantic, made the day blissful. Will go back.

Lyla Smith

Monday, July 9, 2018
I really liked this water park. It is overall a great place to spend the day. The only thing is that it is fairly small, with only a couple of things to do, but unlike I thought, we never got bored! A great place for families.

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