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Crystal Grottoes Caverns

19821 Shepherdstown Pike

The Crystal Grottoes Caverns were founded in 1920 when the State Roads Commission was quarrying for limestone to build up and pave State Route 34. After successfully quarrying back a cliff that was 35 to 55 feet high and 150 feet deep, an unusual event occurred. The next time they started to drill, they lost their drill bits in the cave. Later, when dynamite was detonated in the drill holes, the first entrance was produced.


Briana Colbert

Friday, May 25, 2018
I'm really upset to write this review because the cave itself is beautiful. It has so many features and it really worth seeing however, the last time I visited I had a TERRIBLE experience! For Mother's day my boyfriend and I took her out to Fredrick to do some sightseeing and remembered that these caves were close by. I was really excited because about three years ago my boyfriend and I had visited these caves and had a great experience!! So here's what happened. First I want to mention that the Tour is $20.00 per person. We waited for some other people to join the tour. It was about 10 of us at first, then after we got down there management let another 3-4 people down. Keep in mind, this cave and its passageways are not very big. As the tour began we stayed in the back of the crowd so that we could see everything without holding up other guests. we lagged behind a little bit but not an unreasonable distance (we could still see and hear the rest of the group). The tour guide started to rush us. So approximately 15 people on the tour and all of us were extremely rushed. about halfway through the tour he started following behind us and told us several times that we were lagging behind and to please hurry up. Towards the end he actually said "You three have been behind this whole time and you're holding everyone up." So here is what's upsetting, when there is that many people in a group its really hard to see everything that the guide is pointing out and then by the time that everyone looks at the section the people in the back don't get to see anything at all. Then on top of that you get a tour guide yelling at you!! So $60.00 and a tour that only lasted maybe 25 minutes. We were really disappointed. I hope the owners or management can do something about this problem because the cave is worth seeing but not for a $20 rushed tour.

Malaika Zokirova

Saturday, July 7, 2018
Was sceptical to go here based on people's review about Aaron and the owner. Glad we went anyway. Aaron was very knowledgeable about the cave and did a great job even with our small kids being fussy. The owner was fine, the cave spectacular. Worth the money to see nature's wonder at work. Great family outing.

Elana O'Hara

Friday, June 29, 2018
My husband and I took our nephew here for a nice summer day adventure. None of us had ever been in a cavern before so we were super excited! We signed in and paid for the tour at noon and were told to come back at 12:15 because that's when the next tour would start. So we headed down to the beautiful creek to hang out while we waited. I sat by the entrance keeping an eye on the time while my husband and nephew went down the river a little ways to explore and kill time. It was 12:08 when I see a man riding a lawn mower up to me. He abruptly asks where the rest of my group went and when I told them, he rudely replies with "well your tour started 5 minutes ago". I was taken aback, but then told him that they told us that our tour started at 12:15. He looked at his watch and said fine but that's in a few minutes and I told him I was aware because I was avidly looking at my watch because we didn't want to be late. Then he proceeds to ride down the river to bark the same orders at my husband and nephew. Come to find out that this was the OWNER. He made me feel extremely uncomfortable and like I was in the wrong even though I was not. After paying $50 to get all of us in, you would think that the OWNER would treat his customers with more respect. Other than that, the front desk woman was FANTASTIC and funny. Our tour guide, Dawn was also wonderful. She was very knowledgeable about everything in the cavern. I really wanted to give this place more than 2 stars because it really is an awesome thing to experience, but the owner really did ruin this for me even before it all started. Not sure that we will ever go back.

Jamie Cassatt

Sunday, July 8, 2018
This was a great experience, I'm not sure of cost because it was a field trip. But wow our tour guide was very informative, Friendly, very interesting tour for both kids and adults. Great prep for the bigger caverns!

Hannah Havok

Monday, July 2, 2018
Nice and more naturally kept cavern. Our tour guide was great and full of helpful information. A bit pricey to go often, but definitely worth it for a first timer.

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