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Frostburg Museum

Frostburg Museum
69 Hill Street


The purpose of the Frostburg Museum Association shall be to acquire, document, catalogue, preserve, and display artifacts and other items related to the history of Frostburg, Maryland, its people and its environs, and to provide access, information, and education to those interested in the research and study of our area.


The Frostburg Museum is housed in the historic brick Hill Street School building, constructed in 1899 and serving as the Frostburg elementary school until 1976. An addition housing classrooms, an auditorium and modern conveniences such as electric lights was completed in 1914. Following incorporation of The Frostburg Museum Association in 1977, and after receiving title from the AlleganyCounty Commissioners, the City of Frostburg deeded the retired school building to the Museum Association.

The total square footage of the building is approximately 19,000 square feet. The Museum uses over 8700 square feet for exhibits. The building remains largely unchanged on the exterior from its days as the Hill Street School. Many of the display areas are unaltered classrooms, complete with the original tin ceilings and wood trim. The roof and the three, very large brick chimneys have been restored over the last decade in an effort to stabilize and preserve the historic character of the structure.

Listed in the Maryland Inventory of Historic Buildings, the structure holds historic significance to the City of Frostburg and its citizens both as a former school building where many residents attended school or taught, and as the current home of the Frostburg Museum and The Museum Gallery.

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