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Rising Sun - Plumpton Park Zoo

1416 Telegraph Road

Plumpton Park offers the perfect blend of big zoo animals and small zoo comfort. Come see animals like Jimmie the Giraffe, Louie the Black Bear, and Zoe the Zebra along with Alexis and Miracle the Siberian Tigers in a very close and intimate setting. We're a wonderful destination for children and families as well as animal lovers of all ages. The Plumpton Park Zoo is located in Rising Sun, Maryland and is one of Maryland's favorite family zoos.


Carter Hill

Monday, April 16, 2018
One of my favorite places to take the kids. It's the feel of a small zoo, but with many large zoo animals. The price is reasonable and a membership is worth the cost. My favorite aspect is that you can see your money at work - they're always working on improving and expanding. They also have events year round for kids and adults.

Rob Krewson

Thursday, March 29, 2018
This is a GREAT zoo to take the family to. Yo can get closure to the animals than at most other zoos and the staff go out of their way to educate you about the animals. We have been members here for a few years now and will continue to be for years to come!

John Dove

Saturday, March 10, 2018
It was a cool dreary day. A lot of the animals weren't out and the exhibits that had enclosures were closed. The giraffe exhibit was closed, couldn't go in and the giraffe wasn't out. The reptile house was closed. Zebras weren't out. Kids still enjoyed themselves with mostly the goat's and llama's since they can feed and pet them. Hopefully everything will be open and the animals out when the weather gets warmer. Still a nice, local zoo to visit.

Hailey zimmerman

Saturday, April 14, 2018
If I could put negative stars, I would!!!! I've been to the zoo more then once and I am so appalled at how far downhill it has become. The enclosures are small and run down. There is only 6 employees who work there and that is not enough staff for a fully functioning zoo. All the staff that I have came in contact with seemed very overwhelmed and stressed with all the extra work they need to put in. The owner is very rude, but she plays it off with a laugh. I have been told by multiple people that she has multiple sets of animals including sheep and donkeys that are inbred, and she takes the inbred babies to a separate farm out of state to hide it from the public. She has a sick giraffe "Jimmy" who has a nonstop erect genital that could possibly be a sign of a tumor. They want so badly to have a baby giraffe that they are willing to put Jimmy at risk and possibly the new female just to add an addition before something happens to Jimmy. They have also been using expired medication on the animals. The owners have way to much on their plate and they refuse to make sure the animals that they have are properly cared for and their staff. I will not be taking my family to this zoo ever again and I am so disappointed in the way the animals are being treated. I hope you guys can learn from this, and open your eyes and see what others outside are seeing and hearing. And if you can't learn from this, well then I pray you will get shut down and the animals will be able to go to a new home with people who actually do care deeply for their well being and not just the money that they get from them.

Lena Hull

Friday, March 23, 2018
Great place, but animals don't have too much space. They do seem happy though. Also they do have some pretty cool animals there, I would recommend going.

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