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Columbia - ShadowLand Laser Adventures

9179 Red Branch Road

ShadowLand is a top destination for families in Maryland and Virginia searching for local, high quality entertainment centers

ShadowLand's unique laser adventures provide fantastic 'whole group' activities for area families, youth groups, sports teams and businesses. Strap on a light-weight, high-tech suit and enter the huge multi-level arena for a sensorial effect unlike any other.

Business and human resource (HR) personnel see ShadowLand's arena adventures as powerful teambuilding and corporate training opportunities. The whole-group activities provide an unstructured, safe, uninhibiting backdrop to highlight the importance of team skills that are critical for making the office environment function effectively. An outing to Shadowland is also a great way to celebrate recent team successes or reward teams for a job well-done.

Youth groups, churches, scout troops, synagogues and sports teams find ShadowLand a perfect destination that everyone will agree on. Group leaders should think of ShadowLand when they are looking for youth group ideas and outings.

If you're searching for fun things to do, visit the ShadowLand center nearest you.


Vicky Thompson

Thursday, Feb. 22, 2018
The staff are great! They are friendly and very accommodating. Great place to have an adventure. Convenient parking and entrance ways. It's a great idea to use the back entrance when there's been icing, it snow. Very little sun light hits the front of the store walkway entrance.

Jennifer Rosen

Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2018
Went here with a group for my daughters birthday, we have been here several times with no issue or wait but this time we were told there were no more games for the night because of a special they were running. The guy at the counter saw we were upset and had driven a long way with the group of kids and called in another worker to accommodate us so we were able to play 2 games and have a great night. Thanks shadowland for going above and beyond to help us and make our party fun!!

Erica Weaver

Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2017
I’m extremely impressed with the customer service. I visited with my date and underestimated his speed and stamina. I ended up trying to run and hide the whole time to get one shot. I became very winded very fast but hid it for a very long time. By the near end of the game, I was having trouble breathing and he told the staff. They ended the game (it was just us two on a Monday evening), brought me a free cup of cold water, a chair, and refunded my second game. We planned on two games, but left happy. Thank you so much to the staff who helped me yesterday.

Carl Ochs Jr

Monday, Feb. 19, 2018
Not bad. The game play is fun, and the arena has a decent layout - lots of corners and hiding places, and an upper level. The main lobby area is more like a dark bowling alley. The whole place, at least in winter, is hot, humid and has that must smell mixed with locker room.

Courtney Mcl

Monday, Jan. 15, 2018
It's fun for children and adults. It's more fun when you have a large group because there are power up/special modes that allow you to get more points during the game. The more kills you get the more power ups you get. There are ramps and obstacles to go around to hide. Overall it is a good time. Dress lightly as you will sweast a lot if you get into it.

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