11 Best Restaurants in Maryland!

Maryland has some amazing eats! Whether you live in Maryland or are coming here to visit, satisfy your taste buds at one of the many decadent eateries the state has to offer. We have a rich Waterman's history and crabs are part of our DNA. You can find crab cakes at restaurants throughout the state, or if you prefer, you can pull over and purchase live crabs out of a van – we're that type of a place. However, that's not to say that the only good food in Maryland is seafood. To the contrary, this is the place to go if you are looking for some fabulous pie, Italian food, or even a trendy brewpub. So, grab a friend, your credit card, and hit the road. It’s time to eat, Maryland-style.

Brick Wood Fired Bistro, Prince Frederick, MD

You know that locally-sourced, organic vibe you get in Northern California? Well, it's alive and well in one Maryland restaurant - Brick Wood Fired Bistro. Located in Calvert County, you will find this forward-thinking and trendy eatery. People drive from all over the state to taste wood-fired pizza made with ingredients like prosciutto and caramelized onions. Since they use locally-sourced ingredients, you will find that the tomatoes, basil and mozzarella in their caprese salad is as fresh as if it came from your garden. Combine that with affordable prices and a classy atmosphere and you easily have your next favorite family restaurant.

Ananda, Fulton, MD

Mouth-watering Goa fish, classics like chicken tikka masala, palak paneer, and house made chutney fill a menu featuring aromatic and delicious Indian food with a modern twist. Located in Fulton, Ananda is Indian cuisine inspired by the British Raj and the dining atmosphere delivers that level of old-world class with modern finishes and a retreat-like setting. The only disappointment with Ananda is that you can't take the chef home with you.

The Black Olive, Baltimore, MD

You cannot visit Maryland without indulging in fabulous seafood at this organic Greek restaurant. While Baltimore has many fabulous restaurants, the Black Olive serves fish as they were meant to be eaten - rustic and absolutely magnificent. Wood-fired fish, seasoned with lemon and olive oil is all that you need to go into your food happy place.

South County Café, Deale, MD

Eating a slice of pie from South County Café in Deale is like biting into a piece of heaven. As the perfectly-formed crust melts in your mouth, you take in the fragrant aroma of fresh fruit and cinnamon and bite into an apple slice that is the perfect blend of soft and crunchy - you know that you have never, ever tasted pie like this. This is the kind of pie that you dream of and no matter how hard you try, there is no way that you can make it at home. Just be warned that you better get here early because this is a well-known local secret and pies go fast.

Lemongrass, Annapolis, MD

Peanut sauce, curry, a flavor explosion in every bite - you get this and more every time you visit Lemongrass in Annapolis. This is modern Thai cuisine that is fresh, delicious, and a favorite for both locals and visiting politicians. If you want to have a fabulous lunch while "running into" local power players, this is the place to eat. Still, Lemongrass will never disappoint when it comes to quality or flavor, making this an ideal destination for anyone looking for some Asian flair in a town that is known for traditional American-eats.

Crabcake Factory, Ocean City, MD

Heading to the shore is a summertime tradition in Maryland and once you arrive in Ocean City, you have to try the crab cakes at Crabcake Factory. They have been rated No. 1 crab cake in Maryland and you haven't lived until you've tried one. So, take a break from sunbathing and people watching to go and grab some lunch.

Jalapeños, Annapolis, MD

As an authentic Mexican and Spanish restaurant, Jalapeños is one of the best in town. Located in an Annapolis strip mall, you can find melt-in-your-mouth fish, robust flavors, and Ropa Vieja that rivals anything you would find outside of the states.

Dutch's Daughter, Frederick, MD

Whether you want to go out on a date or celebrate a graduation, Dutch's Daughter in Frederick is known for superior service, high quality steak and seafood, and providing guests with a memorable experience. They were also listed as having the third best crab cake in Maryland so this is not one to miss!

El Jefe Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Bar, Stevensville, MD

When you head over the bridge toward the Eastern Shore, you expect to dine at a seafood joint but don't pass this tasty Mexican restaurant along the way. Family favorites, a casual atmosphere and carnitas that are to die for - this is a prime spot for south of the border dining. Some of the other Mexican restaurants out this way used mostly frozen or canned ingredients so seriously - El Jefe is your stop.

Savage River Lodge, Frostburg, MD

Western Maryland is known for snow covered mountains in winter and glistening lakes in the summer. With the Savage River Lodge, it is also a prime destination for anyone looking to get away from it all. You can dine at the lodge and after you have indulged in a wild game sausage trio, mountain side greens and filet mignon, you can waddle back to your room and have a great night's sleep.

Kloby's Smokehouse, Laurel, MD

This Laurel restaurant started as counter-service BBQ and the locals loved it so much that they opened an official restaurant. This is where you come for BBQ that rivals anything you can get in the old south. Kloby's Smokehouse has favorites like bourbon cured grilled pork and a blackened salmon sandwich that is flavor-popping good!

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